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Here are a few "highlights" about Road Dog Media Group:
About two years ago, we made the decision to be on the road full-time.  By that we mean, we live on the road, 24/7/365, hence the name "Road Dog".  We travel this amazing country in an RV that is our home and we live, breath, sleep and eat what we do. 
What we strive to do is bring to you, the traveler, the reader, the music lover, the one who wants to know where to go, what to see, where the best festivals and music events are being held, the inside scoop on all of that.  The places, artists, concerts, festivals, road-side attractions, even some of the most outrageous ones we can find, we want to share that with you.
We want you to be on the road with us and we want to share our life with you.  We may be in the middle of Wyoming, seeing the most beautiful rainbow we have ever witnessed and share it so you can see it with us.  We may be in the Big Sky Country in Glacier National Park and have a desire for you to travel Logan's Pass with us.   We could be in Sturgis, South Dakota at the Buffalo Chip, waiting for the music to begin, and guess where we will be?  Yes, right there, in the middle of thousands of bikes, bringing you along for the ride.  
There is a unity in music.  No matter what, you can always find something to smile about or something to share and let someone else experience a few moments of that for a little escape from the stress of the day.
We travel to wherever we can, cover as many shows as we can and bring you all the 411 on that show, that artist, that crowd.  We will always try to get an interview to share that with YOU.  We will always try to take photos so you can feel like you were right there with us.
We make some great stops along the way and after two full years of doing this, we have some favorites and there are the not-so-favorite-but-must-see areas.  We have some huge things in store and we intend to bring you photos, interviews, upcoming information, early access to new music, new videos, press/news, etc.  all while making sure that we provide the best to the artists and their team.  Without them, we can not bring any of this to you.
There is a required passion and love for what you do in any business.  The music business is no exception to that rule, in fact, it requires more love, care, support, passion and drive than just about any other I have seen.  I say that because after spending so many years in and around it, you either throw your hands up and quit or you keep pushing on.  You may go left, right, forward and even backwards.  There are a lot of ups and even more downs.  It is the initial passion that keeps you here.
Join us on this journey.  Keep up with us on all social media platforms at the links below and by subscribing to the website.  We will do giveaways from time to time and you never know when we will be in your town and meet you for a cup of coffee or a drink! 
If you want to have us feature your artist or band, email us at Laura@RoadDogMG.com or give us a call at  502-614-9715 and we will get it set up.
See ya'll on the road! 
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