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Bo’s Extravaganza 2nd Annual Birthday Bash For John Schneider...This Year Is Setting The Bar High

John Schneider, aka Bo Duke, aka Jim Cryer, is once again opening up his home, literally, to the public to join him for his 59th birthday.

Last year, the inagural Bo’s Extravaganza kicked-off with a lot of rain and while there is nothing worse than trying to get your car (or RV in our case) unstuck from the Louisiana mud, we would not have wanted the weekend to go any other way than it did.

Despite the challenges of a first year undertaking and the weather not cooperating in the least, anytime you ran across Schneider or a cast mate, musician, Alicia (John’s “smile”), or anyone that was there in attendance, they all greeted you with a feeling of “welcome” and “we are all friends coming together for a common cause” that being the love of this man, the characters he has and is still portraying. The atmosphere was of a weekend gathering of people, no matter race, beliefs or background. None of that mattered. Everyone was there supporting Schneider and having a great time together.

This year, with the obstacles that have seem to have continued to fall in Scneider’s path, he has handled them with grace and faith. He is the eternal optimist and it is infectious. You can not help but feel better and love him even more after talking to him for a few minutes.

The list of performers and actresse/actors that will be attending this year is amazing and one not to miss!

There are still some general admission tickets available and even if you can only join us for one day, come on out!

We can promise you that it will be an experience you will not soon forget!

We will bring you live feeds from everything going on so stay tuned. We are on schedule to arrive this afternoon and see what we can help with for the big day tomorrow!

You can visit www.JohnScneiderStudios.com for tickets and all information.










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