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CRS 2020 with A.C. Jones

What started as an interview with A.C. to catch up on what she has going on turned into a movement since the release of her new single, Castle

Photo Courtesy of A.C. Jones

When we caught up with A.C. Jones during the Grassroots Starlight Dinner during the kickoff of Country Radio Seminar week in Nashville, there was something a little different about her this year, in comparison to the past couple.

Jones has always been a bright light in any room, any time that you see her, yet this year, there was something even more magical about her presence and she could not wait to talk about what that something is. Her new single, Castle.

I was going to just summarize our conversation during our interview and since that time, the new single has been released. I am going to have to let you watch the interview and I guarantee that you will find her as charming as ever but I think it is essential I spend this time talking about this song.

The song was inspired by Jones' 6-year-old niece, who has been battling immune disorders for many years. Jones wanted to pay tribute to her little princess and celebrate the strength and perseverance along with the heart of a warrior in the best way she knows how; through music.

What Jones did not know and could not anticipate was the praise and outpouring of love this song has received or how many woman this song would resonate with for multiple reasons.

This is an anthem song. A song for any woman that has struggled through a relationship, a loss, any challenge of her own. It tells the story of triumph through adversity, faith through fear, grace, and mercy when loneliness may have been all that was there before.

We, as women, face enormous tasks of carrying on, even when we do not believe there is any way to take one more step. We find the strength, whether through friends and supporters, faith in God or by means we may not even understand at the time, but we also find it through music.

The saying that "Music is healing" is not just a saying. Whatever our outlet, whether one or multiple of these, we find that next step and we take it.

I called Jones the day the song released and I expressed to her, as best as I could at the time, how amazing this song is and would be to so many. I also shared with her that in my opinion, as humble as it may be, this was her best.

Her best songwriting, with lyrics methodically placed with purpose. Her best musically, with mandolin, violin, and drum beats, all perfectly arranged to make you feel the music, not just hear it. More importantly, her best vocal performance to date. Jones brings everything to this song. From her bravado and falsetto, again, positioned in exactly the right placement so that it moves with the lyrics.

The listener is taken on a journey of ups and downs, feeling like they, no matter their past or present, can accomplish anything and guard their crown and their Castle.

A.C., personally, this song has moved me, every single time that I hear it. I love the excitement when you talk about this song and what it means to you. I wish I could think of another word than, AMAZEBALLZ.... but for now... that will have to do. I adore you and I am so very proud of you and this project.

Thank you for this song. Thank you for giving the world this gift with your talent.

More About A.C. Jones

After four years of balancing her passion for music and a college education in biochemistry, A.C. Jones dove into her country music career full-force. Her first two radio singles both gained Top 40 status (#33 and #37) on the Music Row CountryBreakout chart, with her second single also charting at #57 on the Billboard Country Indicator chart. In the spring of 2020, Jones released her third single, “Castle” – a female-centered power anthem dedicated to her 6-year-old niece – to radio. Over the course of her career, she has toured throughout the United States, has made appearances in Scotland and Canada, and has opened for acts such as the Kentucky Headhunters, Marty Stuart, Molly Hatchet, and The Oak Ridge Boys. During her 2019 Turn Up the AC summer tour, Jones recorded a live EP entitled Campfire Sessions at a KOA campground in Waterloo, Iowa. In the summer of 2014, Jones' infant niece was diagnosed with type one diabetes inspiring her support and advocacy of JDRF. Jones is also a supporter of the Salvation Army and, as of 2019, has raised over $28,000 for her hometown Salvation Army chapter through her annual Christmas concert benefit. In her free time, she enjoys preparing and testing new recipes for her YouTube feature, A.C. Jones’ Kitchen, running, kayaking, and cuddling with her beagle/blue heeler mix, Andie.

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