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CRS 2020 with Lockeland

Updated: Mar 8

Lockeland has so much to celebrate this year with two new singles and premiering a new talent with us at Country Radio Seminar 2020

This interview made the third time we have had the opportunity to catch up with Kyndon, Mark, and Michael, also known as, Lockeland. We also call them by our name for them, Besties. These guys will always hold a special place in our hearts and it is difficult for me to go into an article "about" them or their music because I tend to get carried away with being too wordy. Clearly, even our interviews go longer than most.

If I have to narrow it down to some specifics, let me say this. There are few artists in this industry that are quite like Lockeland. Yes, they are a band of three, they each bring their own talents to combine with the others to make magic in the songs they give us. Their harmonies are always on point. They can sing acoustically or with a full-band, makes no difference in the talent and performance they give. Always 100% of who they are, they bring to everything they do. They have beautifully produced music and lyrical content to make you think, not just like the "beat."

And there I go, on and on about these three. I will attempt to sum it up here and you can watch our interview for more as well as head over to their sites and get your copies of the newest single, "Keep Us Young," and judge for yourself.

What makes Lockeland different? The genuine, authenticity that they bring to everything they do. They turn any song into a story, that you fall in love with, simply by making it their own. They will have you laughing until your sides literally hurt, and they are laughing at themselves, usually. They listen as you tell them how much you love their music and you can watch them take in every word you say, in appreciation. It still means something to care about what you do and about what people think or feel about your product. As artists, they become part of our lives, even when they may not realize the moment that happened, but they have impacted us all. Lockeland is one of the few that I know will "never lose that hunger" and we are better for having them as our Besties!

Make sure to head over to all social media outlets as well as their website and follow and like their pages so you are always in "the know" when new things are happening. You can purchase all of their music on all digital platforms as well.

To finish this interview, we decided to try a new game called "Kazoo Tunes - Play That Tune" and we brought along some kazoos to see how musically inclined our Besties are. I think at this point, we may need to revisit this idea when we have time for all of us to practice!

Thank you, Kyndon, Mark, and Michael, for playing along with us! We are so excited to see what happens next and proud to just follow this journey with you guys!

More about Lockeland:

MARK VIKINGSTAD and MICHAEL BORIS come from different spectrums of the Empire State, while KYNDON OAKES hails from the “Land of Oz.” In their travels—following the yellow brick road to “somewhere over the rainbow” in Music City, Tennessee—the trio met in the middle to “lock the lands” and thus, LOCKELAND was formed. What brings these friends together is their love of life, humor and the mutual passion to create music that recalls pages from the past and captures memorable moments of the here and now.

Lockeland is straight-up contemporary country with a throwback twist; the trio’s blend of talents complement one another naturally and instinctively. The group’s polished; easy-does-it dynamics, intricate three-part harmonies, and simplistic, meaningful storylines are its signature. With a captivating, subtle, sneaking energy, whether in an intimate acoustic setting or a rockin’ full band show, Lockeland stakes its claim on the map to create a memorable experience like no other.

Since the launch of the trio’s debut single, “Til The Cows Come Home” (March 2019), which landed in the Top 40 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart, Lockeland has appeared on the CMA Spotlight Stage (CMA Fest 2019), opened for Big & Rich on two separate occasions in 2019. The group recently embarked on an international tour (canvassing England and Scotland) where the trio provided direct support for CAM at Millport Music Festival and shared the stage at the Long Road Festival with other artists such as Kip Moore, Josh Turner, LANCO, Morgan Evans & Logan Mize.

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