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CRS 2020 with The Swon Brothers

Updated: Mar 11

Watch as we catch up with The Swon Brothers during Country Radio Seminar and they reveal some secrets that you are going to love

I always look forward to the opportunity to talk with Zach and Colton, The Swon Brothers, and this time was no different. From being "Oprahed" by them, new music featuring the incomparable Vince Gill, not to mention a song they wrote being cut by Blake Shelton, we had a lot to discuss. Take a listen to our conversation and laugh along with us as well as find out what else they are up to.

Let me take a few minutes here to discuss the new single, "Travelin' On," which features Vince Gill, which is available on all digital platforms. If you have heard this song, what I am about to say will not surprise you. If you have not yet purchased it, let me explain why you need this on your playlist.

Music, especially country music, has always been known for its storytelling. Everyone wants a song that they can personally connect with, one that brings back memories of a time in their life, describes where they are now or where they want to be in the future. This song does all of those things tied into one. The song, according to the brothers, is an answer to the question, "What is it like working with your brother?" While this song was written with a specific question and relationship in mind, it applies across the board from friendships to siblings or even romantic relationships. A great song can relate to how the listener feels and connects the song to their own life.

The lyrics are genius in that, this song takes you on a journey through past, present, and future. You relive the things that were maybe reckless, maybe they are fond memories that will always be dear to your heart, or they bring a smile to your face with an "I can not believe we lived to talk about that," laughter. What we all find out, in life, is that we can not stay stuck in one time period. Life is all about change. We can appreciate the past, good or bad, and through growth, we have to just keep traveling on.

Then, there it is, that catchy, goosebumps-invoking hook, that swoons in and says "So let's hit rewind and replay the times that we've had together. And laugh 'til we cry, and raise 'em up high, to the best night ever. And life's just a song, you sing 'til you're gone. Until then keep travelin' on, travelin' on."

Now that you are completely wrapped up with all the feels, you're taken right to the heart of the song with the question of, "Looking back, what would you do differently?" The line, "Our mothers and fathers are all turning gray. I can't look in the mirror without seeing their face. One thing I've learned along the way, there ain't one thing that I would change."

I will say it again, this song is smooth. Smooth as a Lindt Lindor truffle. It has a vibe that is country, yes, but vocals that are raspy, bluesy, draw you in and not let go. It is everything you could ask for from any genre. The harmonies are blended so perfectly, they are the bow sitting on top of this gift they have given us. Not to mention the guitar riffs, are you kidding me! This is one of those timeless songs that gives us everything we could want from a songwriter and artist. I have to be honest, I play on this on repeat and I doubt I will ever tire of hearing it.

If you have not heard it, I challenge you to take a listen and tell me why I am wrong.

Zach and Colton, Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for spending some time with us catching up. We look forward to seeing what happens next, we just know it is going to be something great!


The Swon Brothers gained national notoriety as finalists on NBC’s “The Voice,” and released their major-label debut, THE SWON BROTHERS, the following year, putting their stamp on the 11-song collection by co-producing with award-winning producer Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood).  The album’s first single “Later On” was the duo’s first Top 15 HIT.

Their brand new single answers a question that the brothers are often asked…. what it’s like to work with your brother?  They decided to write a song about it. “Travelin’ On,” written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon, Jonathan Dean and Stephen Hunley describes the brothers’ relationship, both on and off the stage.  The trials of sometimes not seeing eye-to-eye tempered by the steadfast bond that they have as best friends that keeps them focused on family and career, and moving forward, “traveling on,” metaphorically and literally. The song features vocals and guitar from legendary MCA Nashville recording artist, Vince Gill.

Zach and Colton have received CMA and ACM Award nominations for “Vocal Duo of the Year,” as well as a CMT Music Award nomination for “Duo Video of the Year.”  The brothers joined Brad Paisley on his Country Nation World Tour and Carrie Underwood on her Storyteller Tour, and constantly tour on their own, treating their loyal fans to “Swoncerts” everywhere.

The brothers have two successful independent EP releases, TIMELESS (#2 iTunes/#19 Billboard debut) and PRETTY COOL SCARS, under their belt, as well as their self-penned single “What Ever Happened” (A Rolling Stone Country Top 10 Weekly Song) a co-written single “Midnight Lovers,” an anthem to young forbidden love, and most recently “This Town,” penned by Zach and Colton and is an ode to “Everytown USA.”

Honored with the Rising Star award by the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in 2013 and inducted into the Rhythm and Routes Oklahoma Music Trail in July of 2017, the Muskogee, OK natives have been charming fans with their incredible sibling harmonies and fun-loving personalities since childhood. The brothers’ extreme loyal following, “The Swontourage” continue to fortify the duo’s healthy social media platforms with daily engagement as well as live show attendance.







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