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Despite Her Own Challenges, One Teen Reaches Out To Stop Bullying with a Post That is a Must Read

“the highs and lows of breaking the basic

lets stop bullying.”

Dylan Fox Shares Her Journal Blog Post and There Is A Powerful Message in Her Thoughts on “Breaking The Basic”

Dylan Fox, a 14 year-old high school student in Louisville, Kentucky may not have expected the attention her recent journal blog post is getting but the message is too good not to share.

The daughter of country music artist, Dr. Bryan Fox, DDS and his wife Ryan, has faced many challenges in her own life and yet she is attending a Performing Arts School, where her talents of piano, singing and dancing are being honed and where she doesn’t look for “an easy way out.” Despite what so many may consider “limitations”, Dylan is focusing her efforts on reaching out to others to stop bullying, even offering her help as someone to talk to if someone is struggling.

With the world and news being so filled with hate and sadness, I am so glad that with the permission of her parents and Dylan herself, we can share this enlightening and moving blog with you.

Thank you, Dylan. Not only for allowing to share this but also for your strength, your light and your amazing spirit! We wish you the very best and maybe we can catch up with you soon and see one of those performances! You have given us all something to smile about!

Here is Dylan’s blog:

the highs and lows of breaking the basic

lets stop bullying.

my differences make me who i am.

and i am dylan marie fox.

i would just like to put this out there before i say anything, so if you don’t read this (please do!), you at least get the point. bullying SUCKS, and you can end it! please be nice to everyone, and if you’re getting bullied, please let someone know before anything gets worse! and i will always be here if you need anything (my snap is dylann.fox, feel free to add me if you need to talk!).

now to my story.

highschool is scary. middle school WAS scary. elementary might’ve been scary but i don’t remember it now. but highschool is also fun, and an amazing new place to make new friendships, relationships and memories. it’s a time for girls meeting new people and to go on dates and do the cute little things they see on vsco and gossip with their friends about their cute date last night and just live their lives.

i’m incredibly basic in the sense i #thrive off of starbucks. i bop around to my jbl speaker. i have a tapestry above my bed. i don’t like mobamba but... let’s move on.

that’s what i want to do. i want to go out every weekend and party and make new friends and meet new boys and just live my life to the fullest. but i can’t. because i’m not like every other highschool girl.

i was born with cleft lip and pallet. it’s a facial deformity type deal where i basically was born without my upper lip being connected, and i had a surgery soon after birth to get it sewn together. this causes my nose and lips to look different, but not a different where boys are like “oh, she’s cute in a different way” but in a “wow, her face is so unsymmetrical” way. and it sucks. i can walk down the hall and make eye contact with a cute boy who might’ve recognized me off of my instagram and he just kinda smirks back, thinking i look familiar but not the girl he saw. different camera lenses and focus make my nose look different, i do not facetune any photos but because different cameras have different qualities, my face is never consistent.

and this makes me so, so nervous for meeting people i’ve befriended online in person.

people tell me i’m pretty and beautiful but i just cannot believe them. it’s so incredibly hard for me. i have heard people talking about how i need lip fillers. i have heard people talking about how i need a nose job. comments like this hurt me beyond what i can put into words because, they win. i am getting a nose job. i am getting a lip resizing. but not for them, it’s so that i can go in public and have one less thing to worry about.

i’ve cried before because of the comments people have made about me and my face. if this is happening to you, PLEASE, stop it at the source. in my case, there was one person making jokes and i would just laugh it off and the people around assumed that it was okay for them to join in. there is no way for me to escape it now but honestly, i’ve stopped caring and the jokes barely happen. pick and choose your friends wisely.

that already sounds like a lot. well guess what. it’s only the beginning.

i was also born with amniotic band syndrome, a condition that works by bands wrapping around developing limbs in the womb and stops them from growing. people loose arms, legs, and can even die if it wraps around their waist or head. it affected seven out ten fingers, and three out of ten toes. this is where my story really breaks apart from everyone else’s.

i have three whole fingers. two thumbs, one pinky finger, i do not have the other pinky and every other finger is about cut in half. but i have never let this hold me back or affect me, and in comparison, this encourages me to do so much more than i should be able to. this is my ninth year playing piano, and am even part of a preforming arts school where i practice this instrument for a grade and get so many opportunities from this. my right foot has all of my toes and i only have two toes on my left foot, but i am a ballet dancer who is en pointe.

i would just like to point out, i love my life. i love everyone in it. thank you to everyone who makes me feel like i am perfect in my own way.

one of the things about myself that i simply cannot figure out no matter how long i think about it is how a facial thing hurts me so much, when the loss of basic limbs empowers me. but while i was writing this, i think i found a clue.

everyone gets made fun of for something. but you’re going to get through it, trust me. there’s gonna be people out there who love you and support you in everything you do, and it might take time to find them. but it’s going to be worth it! you’re life is worth so much, and happiness will always find its way to you.

everyone is unhappy with themselves. everyone has insecurities and soft spots and parts of themselves they would change without a doubt. but women have started going against each other, even after time has proven to us that now, even more than ever, women must stick together and not let our insecurities lead us.

we must remember that calling someone else ugly isn’t going to make us any prettier.

calling someone’s nose “ugly and unfortunate” isn’t going to make yours any better. calling someone dumb isn’t going to make you any smarter. lucky for the people who have bullied me in the past, i am strong. i heal fast and i heal completely. but not everyone is like this, so above all you must be kind to everyone.

spread some happiness today please.


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