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Jimmy Charles: Hard Way To Go Available Now

Singer/Songwriter, Jimmy Charles', EP Hard Way To Go, Available Now.

I have to start this with an admission. I received this EP, Hard Way To Go from Jimmy Charles' team prior to its release date and I was asked to review the tracks and basically offer my humble opinion. When I am asked what "I" think about an artist's work, I still am taken aback by this and I am never going to be the "quick reviewer" to get back with you. There is a process, at least for me, and I am sharing this with you, not as an excuse, rather as a way for you to understand that I listen. I listen to the lyrics. I listen to the riffs. I listen to the tempo. I listen for the emotional, raw feeling I want to hear in certain songs. Mostly, what I do is "feel". I want something on an album or EP to make me feel something.

I have sat with Charles' songs for a couple of weeks now and they all speak to me, they all make me feel, well, a lot of things. I think that it has taken me so long to write about it because there have been so many feelings that I have had to put words to and that it very difficult.

Yet, that is what songwriting is. Feelings and emotions being put into words and shared with the world. Charles' songwriting, genius.

From the beginning of this EP, there is a hard-hitting, let's relax and get back to the good times in paradise song. All I needed to complete this song? Some Blue Chair Bay and a beach chair. The rest is there. The feeling, the fun, the instrumentation and the vocals. This should be the song of the summer for 2019.

The arrangement of this album, through all the "feels" is spot on. Next, we go into "She's Where I Belong" and we get a glimpse of how much he loves this woman. Don't we all want to be where they belong? Those are things that make a woman a fan, if a man can sing the words we all want to hear, right?

"My wings might be broken, but my heart is still wide open". What a powerful image in a song. This music business is hard and you can either pack it up and go home or follow the dream that got you here in the first place. These lyrics from "Rollin' On" are spot on.

I want to touch on one other song. As I write this review I am watching my father, who started his first chemo therapy session for Stage IV Advanced Regional Prostate Cancer last week, fight for life. Literally. I heard "Superman", I watched the video and I cried. Every time. I reached out to Charles personally because when a songwriter writes these songs, I often feel they need to know how much they mean to the listener. I am watching someone I always thought was Superman have to admit that he is not and I think this is one of those meant to be moments, when the uplifting and reassuring lyrics in this song were meant for me to hear at this time. I can not say "thank you" enough to Charles for this gift.

Let me close by saying, go buy this album. This is a lot of personal opinion and personal stories that I have shared and yet I think that speaks to Charles' ability as a singer/songwriter. He got me to feel things and talk about things, from a few amazing songs that were shared with me. I am so excited to see what happens next for this artist and I look forward to watching him continue on this journey and use those broken wings to soar.

About Jimmy Charles

He's made a national name for himself with compelling original material and toured the country opening for Lady Antebellum, Montgomery Gentry, Kip Moore, Kacey Musgraves, Josh Turner, Merle Haggard and more since launching his music career in 2014. A Season 9 American Idol "Hollywood ticket" participant, he placed in the Top 50 of Nashville Star in 2013. The singer/songwriter found early success with his first single, "Whatever It Takes," and the power of his second release, "Superman" solidified his place in the spotlight. The single's companion video premiered on CMT, trending in the #1 spot for over a week, generating over 5,000 shares its first day on the site. His third single, "Bout Summertime" showcased his more adventurous and carefree side, landed him on the MusicRow Chart and set the stage for "I Am Not Alone." A native of Ocean City, Maryland, Jimmy graduated from Towson University. He played football and baseball, loves to fish, work out, play golf, and spend time at the beach. When he's not on the road touring, he enjoys playing with his bulldog Hank.

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