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LuLu Roman holds nothing back in her inspirational autobiography, This Is My Story; This Is My Song!

LuLu Roman‘s Autobiography, This Is My Story; This Is My Song! is available now.

I first met the Hee-Haw star, LuLu Roman, during the first annual Bo’s Extravaganza in Holden, Louisiana in 2018. To be completely honest, I did not recognize her and I had to “google” her in order to place her on the show. While I had grown up watching Hee-Haw, I just could not remember the small, amazingly beautiful. petite redhead in front of me. However, as soon as the “google results” arrived, so did my memory of her characters, yet I believe if she were to walk passed you down the street, you probably would not “notice” the same person that has spent fifty-years on that show, fifty-years of a show, which is now in syndication with reruns playing still on RFD-TV and other outlets.

During Bo’s Extravaganza this year, she offered everyone a look into her life with her recent memoir release titled, This Is My Story; This Is My Song! ,

which is not just a “scratch the surface and go back to comedic laughter reading.”

Roman takes a deep dive into her devastating childhood and the love she never received from her mother, grandmother or her father. In fact, the first chapter is very blunt and to the point that Roman was the product of rape and her mother suffered severe psychological problems preventing her from having the necessary abilities to care for and raise a child. Roman’s grandmother stepped in and she took over that responsibility, well for a minimal time and then it was her great-grandmother who she felt really cared for and loved her. That would be short-lived and she found herself at four years old in an orphanage. Unwanted, unloved, scared and confused are just some of the feelings she shares.

With no “real family” home life, Roman found that the voices that spoke the loudest were also the most damning to her. The other children calling her names, the feelings of unworthiness, a throw away, a ”fat girl” who used sugar to compensate for what she was not getting, unconditional love. Sugar, well food in general, would never let her down. So began her first destructive habit of eating her feelings, so to speak.

Roman is very open and honest about her childhood, adolescence and

well into adulthood with her continued self-destructive ways. She takes the reader on a journey, as emotional and descriptive as possible, in order to be completely transparent on how she started out with talent and the world against her. How she became the “LuLu Roman” we all fell in love with as a “character“ who used those talents as a way to cover what she was dealing with privately and who she was when the lights went out and the cameras were turned off.

A whole new discovery of what she could have filling those empty spaces was just around the corner and thanks to so many that truly saw beyond the masks and saw who was underneath all the darkness, she was able to finally find the love, the acceptance and the talents that were always there and was able to use them as intended. To spread the word of God and to honor him in all that she does.

I find it extraordinarily fitting to write this review on Easter morning, a day that is symbolic of new beginnings and that there is nothing that can not be overcome with faith, hope, dedication and love.

This is a must-read for anyone that feels they lost or that they can never come back from something in their past. Roman reminds us that there is always forgiveness and acceptance, all we have to do is ask for it and proclaim our heart, soul and spirit are willing.

While this book is an emotional journey that will at times break your heart and have you wondering how the “fat girl” from Hee-Haw could survive so much in one lifetime. It will renew your faith in people, and perseverance. More importantly, it will renew your strength and faith in yourself and God.

Make sure to get your copy of Ms. LuLu Roman’s book and fall in love with her all over again!

Get your copy here:


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