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Mark Wayne Glasmire Can’t Be Denied Available Now

Mark Wayne Glasmire Releases Highly Anticipated Album, Can’t Be Denied

Mark Wayne Glasmire, while not a rookie in the game, releases new album, that proves he is here to stay and definitely can not be denied.

There are many emotions and nuances within these songs for me as a listener and it felt as if they were placed and arranged with that intention from Glasmire as well, which I can appreciate greatly.

This album is a journey. From the opening track, “I’ve Got A Feeling,” drawing you right in with a hook that you find yourself singing along with right away to the gratitude in “Without You.” You barely catch your breath before the haunting, run for your life, Kenny Rogers feel in “Borderline” to go back into a song providing hope and an uplifting message in “This Too Shall Pass.”

Going through emotions from love stories, to lost loved ones, remember whens and good ole, down home feel, Glasmire has a sound reminiscent of early Eagles/Glen Frey combined with a James Taylor soul-soothing feel.

I am a fan of everything Glasmire has done with this album and I look forward to seeing what happens next as he continues to give us this quality of not just amazing lyrics and arrangement, but also the stories he continues to tell through these songs. We can all find a part of ourselves in the lines he sings, which requires a unique talent that Glasmire possess, ten fold.

Make sure to follow Glasmire on social media and get your copy of his newest release, Can’t Be Denied.

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