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Adam Wakefield Releases New Album: Gods & Ghosts

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

From a runner-up on NBC's The Voice to releasing his newest album, titled Gods and Ghosts, Adam Wakefield is making his way towards being a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

When I listened to the first line of the first track, Breaking Strings, my thought was "If Travis Tritt and Chris Stapleton had a baby, his name would be Adam Wakefield."

The soulfulness that is in every cleverly designed lyric, draws you in, makes you stop and take notice of not just what he is singing about but want to know more about this artist.

With roots as deep in soul as in country, Wakefield delivers an album unlike anything you have been hearing on your radio. This is an artist who has the voice of country back-in-the-day singers, songwriting skills of some of the greatest and a passionate spirit to let it all take him where he is destined to be; on everyone’s favorite playlist.

This current album has something for everyone and perfectly arranged to take you on an emotional journey with Wakefield as he delivers hard-hitting, in your face vocals, to the instrumentation keeping you on your toes. Is that a steel guitar? Is that an organ? He just took us to the depths of heart break with “Prairie Lullaby” to the dark corners with “Cheap Whiskey and Bad Cocaine” to the Average Joe attitude with “As Good As It Gets”.

While it is hard to admit that I don’t think “mainstream country radio” is willing to spin these songs yet, I feel that it is because, other than Chris Stapleton, they do not know “how” to play an artist with this much talent and soul.

In saying that, it is not necessarily a “bad” thing, because while radio may not be ready for Wakefield, true country music lovers have been waiting on him for a long time.

Make sure to check out Wakefield by clicking the image above to be directed to his website for all the information on what he has coming your way. Don’t forget to follow him on all social media platforms and get this album!

I can not wait to see where he goes next, but rest assured we will keep you up to date.

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