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P!NK Drops New Album; As Always She Asks The Questions That Make Us Think...

Superstar Songtress, P!NK dropped her newest album today (April 26, 2019) and this one, as all her previous recordings, ask the questions that we tend to forget to ask ourselves or the ones around us.

While known for her bad-assery vocals attitude and on-stage acrobatics that, don’t get me wrong are part of what everyone loves about her, she does all of that with fierce courage and never loses pitch and tone, however, the lyrics and messages in her songs are so spot on to so many people that I think they are always worth listening to over and over until you get the message that she is sending you.

Everyone today, that I have seen post about this album, has been discussing the “duet with Chris Stapleton.” Do not misunderstand, that song, “Love Me Anyway,” is an amazing song and it absolutely should be heard, downloaded and on repeat.

However, there is one other song that I think has been a little overlooked and it may be the most important one, lyrically, on the album. “Last Song Of Your Life” is a song that P!NK has given each and everyone of us a challenge, directly or indirectly, that it is up to the listener to decide. Yet, this song, for me, is the one that stood out and made me repeat over and over. Now, maybe it is my age and that point in my life that this is what I personally needed from this album. I am not sure that the exact “reason” matters as much as the lyrics of this song.

I found that it caught me so quickly with the softer tone and reverb that while is so on point with what we all face in life, which is “what do we want everyone to remember about me when I’m gone,” with the questions of “If you had one song left in your soul, what would you sing tonight? If you had one chance left before we’re old, the last song of your life? What is it your ache for? Tell me who you are. Not what you’ve rehearsed, all the other parts.”

We all wear masks. Some of us because we can not look at ourselves as clearly as we should and we have been asking these same questions of ourselves but sometimes it’s because no one has ever asked us to take them off and just be US. To be completely real, let people know YOU.

Please take a few moments to listen to this song. I believe that it can change something for someone and I believe it was released to do just that. To make you think!

Let us know your thoughts. We may just open it for discussion and give you a place to take on the challenge that P!NK has thrown out there.

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