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Rhonda Vincent Shares Highlights of Career as Her Grand Ole Opry Induction Approaches

Updated: Mar 16

Rhonda Vincent, dubbed, the "Queen of Bluegrass" joins us for an intimate discussion about her career and why she thought it was a dream when she received her "Opryposal"

We had the opportunity to talk with the Grammy Winning, Queen of Bluegrass, Newest Member of the Grand Ole Opry Rhonda Vincent recently and we are so excited to share what she opened up about during our conversation.

While I usually do not tend to like audio-only interviews because you can tend to lose the connection with whom you are speaking to, I think you will find, as I did, that with Vincent, every part of her excitement and gratitude is heard very clearly as she talks about the highlights of her career up until this point in time where she was invited to join the Grand Ole Opry as its newest member.

Vincent started her professional career at 5 years old, yes, that is correct, 5. She was the drummer in the family band, The Sally Mountain Show. Moving on to the mandolin at the age of 8, the violin at the age of 10 and traveling across the country with her family until she went out on her own with Jim Ed Brown. She has spent her entire life entertaining and becoming known as not just one of the best in the business but also the hardest working artists in any genre. Listen as she talks about what 5-year-old Vincent would say to herself today.

A multi-award winner, the latest being in 2017 when she and her band Rhonda Vincent and The Rage won a Grammy for Bluegrass Album of The Year for All The Rage - Volume One. Additionally, in 2019 Rolling Stone ranked their 2018 album, "Bluegrass Legends," among the Top 10 Best Concert Albums Ever Recorded at the Ryman Auditorium. The success as not stopped there, as her 2019 chart-topping single, "Like I Could," which was co-written by Jeannie Seely, reached #1 on the Bluegrass Chart.

When talking about collaborations, again the list is long and impressive, including being enlisted with her friend, Dolly Parton by Sir Elton John, to create a "Queen of Bluegrass" version of "Please," written by John and Bernie Taupin for the 2018 Restoration: The Songs of Elton John album. John is said to have a deep love and affection for country music and says "It's sweet, simple melodies and direct heartfelt connections are hallmarks of his songs." It is never more evident with this album of exactly how country and bluegrass artists were able to bring that to life.

One of my personal favorites is Vincent's duet album with the late Daryle Singletary. Their 2017 album, American Grandstand, which features some of the best duets that have been done, including "A Picture Of Me (Without You)," as previously released by George Jones in 1972, Lorrie Morgan in 1991 and Vern Godsen and Kimber Sparks in 2007. Yet, with all the other versions being amazing, there is something so very special about Vincent and Singletary's voices combined, on this song, in particular, that is candy to the ears. Listen as we discuss this and her relationship with Singletary and what a loss is felt across the music community with his death.

While we were able to discuss so many topics, including why she insisted that her husband be her love interest in the music video for "Like I Could," we, of course, had to talk about the Grand Ole Opry Induction, for which a date has not been officially announced, however we will bring that to you as soon as we know. Listen as Vincent describes her dream bill of artists that evening, if she could have anyone there, on that night especially, who would it be?

In closing, let me say, Rhonda, a huge thank you for taking the time to talk with us and for being as much of a talker as I am. You were so welcoming to my questions and had a conversation with me, instead of just an interview. It was a blessing for me to come into your world, even if for just a few minutes. You are just a beautiful soul in this sometimes crazy business and I do hope we have the chance to talk in person soon. We are so happy for you and this lifetime dream come true! We love you!

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