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Road Dog Media Group at CRS with James Wesley

We caught up with Kansas native, James Wesley in Nashville during CRS and he is one you definitely do not want to miss out on.

While not new to the industry, Wesley was signed with Broken Bow Records for 8 years and released several singles under the BBR label, with ”Jackson Hole” being his first release and “Real” reaching the Top 20. A few other releasea to his credit are “Thank a Farmer,” “Didn‘t I,” and “Walking Contradiction.”

Wesley is now an independent artist, with a whole new direction of approaching his music. As an indie artist, he is back at the ground floor of going around and doing the interviews, promoting his music and taking his time to give all of us his very best.

We do know there is an EP in the works and that the first single will be, “The You I Wanna Know” and we can not wait for the releas so we can share it with all of you.

Make sure you check out our conversation for more information on Wesley and we even take time to google the “clearest lake in Kansas.”

James, thank you for taking some time with us during CRS and we may have to just meet you at Wilson Lake to do some fishing very soon! We wish you the very best and can not wait to see what happens next!

More About James Wesley:

Country singer/songwriter ​James Wesley​ was born and raised in Mound Valley, Kansas. James was signed to Warner Bros. in 1999 as James Prosser, he released one album ​Life Goes On​ before adopting the Wesley moniker.

After relocating to Nashville, Wesley hooked up with songwriter Rodney Clawson and producer Dan Frizzell, inked a deal with Broken Bow Records, and released the single "Jackson Hole." The song debuted at #41 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and was followed in 2010 by a second single, "Real" that topped the charts at #22, followed by "Didn't I" at #24 In 2011.

James found a new level of exposure when he was the opening act for two weeks of superstar Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour. He continued touring and more singles followed in anticipation for Wesley's debut album, Real, including "Walking Contradiction," "Thank A Farmer" and "Hooked Up" which appeared in 2012, 2013 and 2015.

James continues touring and playing corporate events across the country. One of the highlights of James Career, was being asked to be a part of the Merle Haggard tribute album titled

"Working Man's Poet", (Released in April of 2014). The two "Hag" songs performed by James, were "I'm a Lonesome Fugitive" and "The Fightin' Side of me".​

James is currently in the studio recording his new EP ​The You I Wanna Know​ Set to be released in 2019. The upcoming EP will feature 5 all-new James Wesley originals!

Keep Up With James Wesley:

Website: www.JamesWesleyMusic.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jameswesleymusic/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jameswesleymusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jameswesley1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/JamesWesleyVevo

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