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Country Music has always had a soft spot for "couples" in the genre. Especially when there is genuine chemistry, passion and love for each other. There is not much that can be hidden in a partnership that is exposed and opened up for the world to see. Mix that with perfect songs that the couple themselves have a hand in writing and it creates this authenticity that every country music fan falls in love with.

Terra Bella, comprised of Joe and Martina Costa, are the perfect mix of the things that make a fan believe every word they sing because they write and sing about their real-life experiences. They open up their hearts for the world to see and if you have not had the chance to get to know their talent, you owe it to yourself as a country fan, to stop reading and go straight to your digital outlet of your choice and start downloading.

Check out our conversation as we discuss our "third anniversary", Joe's hair and red eyes and more importantly, the exciting things that they have been up to which include a new single recently released titled, "Middle of No Where USA" available everywhere and for which they filmed a beautiful music video. We have included that video below as well as out interview.

Make sure to follow them on all social media platforms and keep up with all the exciting things to come.

Joe and Martina, to say "thank you" does not seem like enough to tell you both how much you guys mean to us. You are an inspiration and a beautiful example of exactly what love, kindness and staying true to who you are can accomplish. We love you guys and are so excited and humbled to follow your journey and share it with everyone. We can not wait to see what happens next and we will be right there supporting you!

When we have spent too much time at the Patron' Club...

About Terra Bella:

“It runs through my veins,” said Joseph “Joe” Costa, one-half of country music’s dynamic duo Terra Bella, to Billboard after the release of There’s A Country Song, their first full-length album released in May of 2018 featuring singles “Before You” and “Wild One”.  “Us being husband and wife is the biggest thing in my life, but right under that is country music. “

Martina’s emotional-charge and energetic delivery paired with Joe’s perceptive songwriting and fluid guitar licks define Terra Bella’s authenticity—communicative story-telling with a Bakersfield edge, beautiful harmonies, and a test to time. Their shared passion and respect for country music and the love held for each other is evident whether on or off the stage.

Originally from California's Central Valley, Joe and Martina’s agricultural roots prepared them for the intense routine and dedication that’s necessary for establishing a career in the entertainment business.

"We are big 'Ag-Vocates,” said Martina. “Being involved in the FFA in high school taught me morals and values. It really made me the woman I am today.”

“As the son of a third-generation farmer, I’ve always had a healthy work ethic,” adds Joe, “The care and keeping of land and livestock will teach you that, but also about yourself and who you strive to be."

Now performing together for the better part of a decade, Terra Bella has toured primarily up and down the West Coast and across the United States playing clubs, theaters, and rodeos as well as opening for national acts such as Blake Shelton, Lee Brice, and Montgomery Gentry to name a few.

In August of 2013, the couple decided to move 2,200 miles east to "Music City “ and further pursue their artistry. Immediately fulfilling their purpose as a regular member of the songwriting community. Joe has since acquired a cut on Luke Combs’ platinum-selling album This One’s For You with the song “Don’t Tempt Me”.

Terra Bella was introduced to esteemed producer/guitarist, Johnny Garcia, who began to coach and produce Terra Bella’s material in between tour legs with Garth Brooks. In 2016, the debut EP Road To Forever came to fruition and scored the duo's first Billboard Indicator (#51) and Music Row (#42) charting song with the single "You've Got That Somethin'."

The release of There’s A Country Song allowed Joe and Martina to reinvent their brand to more accurately represent their roots. With Garcia as co-producer alongside Joe, the album comprised of nine songs came to life in the Costa’s home studio and influenced their placement on Billboard’s Country Artists to Watch in 2018 list stating, “She [Martina] has the heartfelt quality of a Patty Loveless, while he [Joe] borrows from the Haggard/Jones school with an emotional subtlety.”

It is likely that Terra Bella is country music’s next legendary powerhouse couple.

Keep Up With Terra Bella:

Website: https://www.terrabellamusic.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/terrabellaofficial

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/terrabellamusic

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/terrabellamusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/terrabellaofficial

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