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Sister Hazel‘s New EP, Fire, Set For Release on February 8th, Has Surprised Many About the Journey They Have Mapped Out For Us.

With the third installment of the “Elements” EP Collection, Sister Hazel has produced a carefully crafted, heart-felt lyrical, message-in-a-bottle design, not just with this newest EP, but all three, it’s hard to imagine how they can do any better than this.

The first “Element” was Water and we sat down with them as they launched this first EP and discussed the plan of releasing a new one about every six months with the goal of them all connecting in the end. Genius.

However, reaching an audience with one EP is a huge undertaking, so the dream of having an audience wait and connect the dots, could it be done?

Water was a collaboration of songs with such deep messages and literally “moving” lyrics and sound that you felt as if you were moving, emotionally, back and forth with the artists. How can you top that? Or even come close to connecting it in six months to another element?

The answer lies in the next EP in which the “Element” was Wind. In these songs and experience through music, Sister Hazel once again, takes you on emotional highs and lows and yet this entire album has the feel of “everything is going to be ok” as if yes, things are tough and painful yet the wind comes through and changes the current conditions.

That “wind” can be anything from a call you needed to receive, to a knock on your door that you needed to open.

Again, how could THIS be connected more than it already was?

Sister Hazel gives a resounding answer to that with the newest EP, on which the “Element” is Fire. Here is where you have to go back and listen to the previous two EP’s and then you will feel the connection.

There is such a healing with this element, strange as that may sound. How can “fire” be healing? Because each of these songs have an endurance factor to them. A “you are stronger than you think” mixed with a whole lot of “don’t give up” right down to the core of things with, “Growing Up”.

These are a collection of brilliantly written, vocally unmatched, instrumentally perfect songs that all go together seamlessly and that are a must for any music lover’s library.

Make sure to get your copy of Fire, releasing this Friday, February 8th, and go ahead and get Water and Wind while your waiting. You will not regret it!

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