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Wondering Where To Travel Next? Discogs Presents Crate Diggers 2019

Slated To Become Largest International Festival Series in the World Dedicated to Vinyl Collecting and Music Merchandise.


Discogs (the worlds 3rd largest online music destination after YouTube and Spotify) in partnership with Vinyl World Congress have announced the launch of the world’s largest series of music festivals dedicated to the vinyl format, Crate Diggers.

Crate Diggers will become the largest international festival series in the world dedicated to vinyl collecting and music merchandise ever with hundreds of vinyl sellers, record labels, record shops, vinyl enthusiasts and world class acts performing to over 25,000 attendees across the 4 major events in UK, USA, Brazil and Japan.

• Crate Diggers UK will take place in Brighton on Saturday 11th May at the Brighton Centre.

• Crate Diggers USA will take place in New York on Saturday 27th July at the New York Expo Centre.

• Crate Diggers Brazil will take place in December 2019 at a venue to be confirmed.

• Japan will take place in Tokyo October 2019 at a venue to be confirmed.

Acts confirmed to perform at Crate Diggers in the first Line Up announcement include…

• Method Man and Redman

• General Levy.

• David Rodigan.

• Zion Train.


And more TBC

The Event Director Connolly Mellon said  “there is almost a universal miscalculation of the actual size of the vinyl industry because most of the figures and statistics used don’t take into account second hand sales which is massive. For Discogs (the largest seller of vinyl on earth) which has more than 20,000 transactions per day, only 4% of what they are selling is new music and if you take into account the record shops, high street, record fairs, small charity shop purchases of vinyl and of course online 2nd hand sales across Discogs, Ebay, Amazon and the like, whilst it’s difficult to be accurate, we believe the actual number of vinyl being brought by consumers is approximately 3-4 times bigger than the figures about new vinyl sales suggest.

We are launching these festivals to give the international vinyl community a festival of their own with live performances from world class artists dedicated to the format and we look forward to helping the community grow especially in Asia and South America”

Tickets for Crate Diggers go on sale at 10am on Friday 18th January from www.cratediggers.com and TicketMaster.

Key Features of Crate Diggers and Vinyl World Congress

• Hundreds of Record Shops, Vinyl Sellers and Record Labels selling a selection of records, turntables, tapes and music merchandise new and old.  Register to sell vinyl or book a table HERE .

• World Class Artists Performing. First line-up announcement includes including Method and Redman, David Rodigan, General Levy, Zion Train, JFB and more.

• During the Vinyl World Congress B2B networking event which takes place the day before there will be live demonstrations of the latest Vinyl Manufacturing Machine’s on the market for prospective investors, record labels and media. The latest machines cost anywhere from £150,000-£300,000 depending on spec.

• Leading Crate Diggers beer partner Westerham Brewery will be showcasing and selling a selection of Vegan friendly and Gluten Free Beers.https://westerhambrewery.co.uk .

• Leading Vinyl Pressing Plant Korenko Phonogram Manufacture will be offering test pressings and state of the art vinyl manufacturing services for artists and labels with the latest machines on the market - https://kpm-vinyl.com .

• There will be a showcase and demonstration of the latest turntables on the market from the leading turntable manufacturers.

• The Impact of Brexit on Vinyl Manufacturing in Europe will also be discussed by industry (UK Event).

• There will be an investors forum for those who wish to invest in the Vinyl Manufacturing Industry.

• There will be auctions of some of the rarest vinyl on the market.

• There will brand activations from some of the leading turntable and consumer electronics’ manufacturers.

Key Statistics

• Discogs rank - #3 Music Site (behind YouTube, Spotify).

• Traffic - 15million Unique visits per month // 350 million monthly page views.

• Users - 5 Million Active Monthly Users + 100k new users per month.

• Marketplace:  $200mm in annual sales // 20k albums sold per day.

Register HERE for Crate Diggers UK, USA, Brazil and Japan 2019.

Register HERE for Vinyl World Congress to come and see the latest vinyl manufacturing machines and hear from the labels about the B2B Industry.

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Crate Diggers - https://www.instagram.com/4cratediggers/

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